Year Zero

On America’s birthday, celebrating the corporate-sponsored revolution.

By Matt Taibbi and cross-posted from Zero Hedge.

It’s the Fourth of July, and revolution is in the air. Only in America would it look like this: an elite-sponsored Maoist revolt, couched as a Black liberation movement whose canonical texts are a corporate consultant’s white guilt self-help manual, and a New York Times series rewriting history to explain an election they called wrong.

Much of America has watched in quizzical silence in recent weeks as crowds declared war on an increasingly incoherent succession of historical symbols. Maybe you nodded as Confederate general Albert Pike was toppled or even when Christopher Columbus was beheaded, but it got a little weird when George Washington was emblazoned with “Fuck Cops” and set on fire, or when they went after Ulysses S. Grant, abolitionist Colonel Hans Christian Heg, “Forward,” (a seven-foot-tall female figure meant to symbolize progress), the Portland, Oregon “Elk statue,” or my personal favorite, the former slave Miguel de Cervantes, whose cheerful creations Don Quixote and Sancho Panza were apparently mistaken for reals and had their eyes lashed red in San Francisco.

Was a What the Fuck? too much to ask? It was! In the space of a few weeks the level of discourse in the news media dropped so low, the fear of being shamed as a deviationist so high, that most of the weirder incidents went uncovered. Leading press organs engaged in real-time Soviet-style airbrushing. Here’s how the Washington Post described a movement that targeted Spanish missionary Junipero Serra, Abraham Lincoln (a “single-handed symbol of white supremacy,” according to UW-Madison students), an apple cider press sculptureabolitionist Mathias Baldwin, and the first all-Black volunteer regiment in the Civil War, among others:

Across the country, protesters have toppled statues of figures from America’s sordid past — including Confederate generals — as part of demonstrations against racism and police violence.

The New York Times, once the dictionary definition of “unprovocative,” suddenly reads like Pol Pot’s Sayings of Angkar. Heading into the Fourth of July weekend, the morning read for upscale white Manhattanites was denouncing Mount Rushmore, urging Black America to arm itself, and re-positioning America alongside more deserving historical parallels in a feature about caste systems:

Throughout human history, three caste systems have stood out. The lingering, millenniums-long caste system of India. The tragically accelerated, chilling and officially vanquished caste system of Nazi Germany. And the shape-shifting, unspoken, race-based caste pyramid in the United States.

It’s tragic that this even needs saying, but the sudden reinvention in the press of modern America as a Nazi apartheid state is as phony as the thousands of patriotic campaigns that occupied the news media previously. We’re witnessing an obscene malfunction of the elite messaging system.

The people who run this country have run out of workable myths with which to distract the public, and in a moment of extreme crisis have chosen to stoke civil war and defame the rest of us – black and white – rather than admit to a generation of corruption, betrayal, and mismanagement

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One thought on “Year Zero

  1. I reprise:
    Mark your calendar. Nov 4, 2020 may very well be the commencement of such social/political and financial chaos, ultimately dwarfing what began in 1929.
    1) The DemonRATs & Co rig enough of the election process/ballot rigging to take POWER – there will [eventually] be WAR. Welcome to “Venezuela Norte”.
    2) The Trumpster somehow again prevails against all odds causing the DemonRAT’s Soros-subsidized DummyBrat chump-changers to go bat-schiff crazy – there will QUICKLY be civil-then-global WAR.
    3) The PRIVATELY-held [NOT]Federal[NO]Reserve’s MOAP ‘Mother of All Ponzis’ finally implodes, as all pyramid ponzis eventually do – there will be WAR.
    WAR is the ultimate distraction/grifting tool used by the PTB int’l banksters/financial [d]elites to “exit, stage left”/bug out to their remote, undisclosed, well provisioned/secured digs from which they will again proceed to fund ALL the belligerents and . . . then the REBUILD with FIAT DEBT, “FUNDED” into circulation on the “AUTHORizing” signatures of the doofus pleb borrowers – the coupon/interest portion, of course, remaining UNfunded recycling their next pyramid ponzi/REAL asset consolidation and eventual covert transfer/theft.
    Psst, remaining productive/sane/INFORMED “citYzens/urbies” – ain’t gone “red county rural” yet? Tick-tock. Yo, fellow productive “country-Folk” – GROUPed/GUNned/GARDENed and . . . System-D SIMPLIFIED on a portion of arable, UN-addressed/UN-encumbered inland, rural GROUND . . . “carry on”! “Thrive-in-place”! Lock[ed] and load[ed]. NO Fear/Hate when . . . “JC always before me”! Hoo-rah.


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