The Fed Is Lying To Us

“When it becomes serious, you have to lie”.

By Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

The recent statements from the Federal Reserve and the other major world central banks (the ECB, BoJ, BoE and PBoC) are alarming because their actions are completely out of alignment with what they’re telling us.

Their words seek to soothe us that “everything’s fine” and the global economy is doing quite well. But their behavior reflects a desperate anxiety.

Put more frankly; we’re being lied to.

Case in point: On October 4, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell publicly claimed the US economy is “in a good place”. Yet somehow, despite the US banking system already having approximately $1.5 trillion in reserves, the Fed is suddenly pumping in an additional $60 billion per month to keep things propped up.

Do drastic, urgent measures like this reflect an economy that’s “in a good place”?

The Fed’s Rescue Was Never Real

Remember, after a full decade of providing “emergency stimulus measures” the US Federal Reserve stopped its quantitative easing program (aka, printing money) a few years back.

Mission Accomplished, it declared. We’ve saved the system.

But that cessation was meaningless. Because the European Central Bank (ECB) stepped right in to take over the Fed’s stimulus baton and started aggressively growing its own balance sheet — keeping the global pool of new money growing.

Let’s look at the data. First, we see here how the Fed indeed stopped growing its balance sheet in 2014:

Fed balance sheet chart

And we can note other important insights in this chart.

For starters, you can clearly see how in 2008, the Fed printed up more money in just a few weeks than it had in the nearly 100 years of operations prior.

The flat parts of the curve in this chart are were the Fed paused its printing efforts. And at each of these plateaus, without the tailwind of fresh new hundreds of $billions created from thin air, the equity markets stopped rising and even (gasp!) threatened to decline.

So what did the Fed do in response? It resumed the money printing.

The above chart is really a monument to failure.  The initial $trillions of printed money didn’t solve things, and so more printed $trillions followed.

Every trick in the book has been used.  QE. Operation Twist. Jawboning by Bernanke, Yellen and now Powell. More jawboning and tweets from the President and his administration. And now, fresh interest rate cuts and a resumption of QE (but don’t call it that!) by the Fed

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