Evidence Mounts that President Trump May Have a Serious Personality Disorder

“The greatest danger, as we saw with Nixon, is that pathological narcissists can lose touch with reality in subtle ways that become extremely dangerous over time.”

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens of Wall Street on Parade

The media’s focus on President Donald Trump currently revolves around whether he is or is not an unindicted co-conspirator in criminal campaign finance fraud following that implication by prosecution documents and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, in Federal court testimony on Tuesday. Democrats want congressional hearings to gather more evidence while Republican leaders are simply ducking press interviews.

The graver risk to the country, however, may stem not from whether Donald Trump is a crook but whether he is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, a condition with the potential to elevate to dangerous psychotic behavior.

Last year, 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts assessed Donald Trump’s behavior in the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.  One of the most revealing articles came from Dr. Craig Malkin, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, lecturer for Harvard Medical School, and author of the internationally acclaimed Rethinking Narcissism.

Dr. Malkin explains that narcissistic personalities are common and not necessarily bad in a president. He writes “When does the double-edged sword of narcissism – Trump’s or any other president’s – turn dangerous?” He says it’s based “on whether or not their narcissism is high enough to count as an illness.”

Pathological narcissism according to Malkin “begins when people become so addicted to feeling special that, just like with any drug, they’ll do anything to get their ‘high,’ including lie, steal, cheat, betray, and even hurt those closest to them.” Malkin says this starts around 9 on the narcissism spectrum and gets worse around 10. “At these points,” writes Malkin, “you’re in the realm of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).”

Psychology Today, citing the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, writes that narcissistic personality disorder is “indicated by five or more of the following symptoms”:

  • Exaggerates own importance;
  • Is preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence or ideal romance;
  • Believes he or she is special and can only be understood by other special people or institutions;
  • Requires constant attention and admiration from others;
  • Has unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment;
  • Takes advantage of others to reach his or her own goals;
  • Disregards the feelings of others, lacks empathy;
  • Is often envious of others or believes other people are envious of him or her;
  • Shows arrogant behaviors and attitudes.

That’s a total of nine symptoms with only five needing to be present to qualify an individual for NPD. Yesterday, Fox and Friends released Ainsley Earhardt’s interview with President Donald Trump at the White House. Each and every one of the nine symptoms listed above were on dramatic display…

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One thought on “Evidence Mounts that President Trump May Have a Serious Personality Disorder

  1. Are these the same US shrinks that now use the Californian, politically correct expresion,”front hole?” ( RE WOMEN)
    Or the brownish skinned, mixed race lefties, ranting about “White Privilege?” As if working hard, saving money, getting educated and eating meals of meat and three veggies a day is a crime. No drugs and marriages with kids, anyone?
    Donald is not as mad as America : and America is unfit to be in possession of nuclear weapons.


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