Tragicomic Farce at UK Bank TSB Enters Week 7 of IT Chaos

Bank-friendly regulators finally show some interest.

Embattled UK lender TSB can’t get even the simplest of things right these days, including apologizing to the thousands of customers affected by the bank’s botched IT upgrade in late April, which has still not been remedied [timeline of nightmare: April 24: “Day 5”April 30: “Contagion Fears,” May 6: “Internal Revolt,” May 22: “Customers Leave in Droves”].

TSB recently sent out letters to customers acknowledging their grievances. The problem, as the BBC reports, is that some of the letters included correspondence intended for other customers:

Letters acknowledging complaints about the technological meltdown at the bank have been sent out to customers, but within a number of those mail-outs a further letter had been included.

Isabella Morrison-Shand, of Inverness, received one and told BBC 5 live’s Wake Up To Money program: “When I looked at the second page I discovered that it had a reference number, name and address of somebody that wasn’t me.

“If I was in any way shady, I could contact them and say that I was from TSB and perhaps trick them into discussing things. I have no confidence in TSB at all of controlling their usage of my data and keeping it safe and secure.”

The timing, coming just a week after the introduction of new EU-wide data-protection laws, could not have been worse. According to Treasury Committee member John Mann, action could be taken against the bank. “They have broken the law. Even a small or minor breach of the law when it comes to data protection, is very, very important,” he said…

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