EU Superstate Tax Plot: Hidden Plan for Europe-wide National Insurance Card Exposed

Brussels is hatching plans to introduce an EU-wide social security number that could pave the way for Brussels to directly tax European citizens in the future.

By Nick Gutteridge, Brussels Correspondent of The Daily Express

The EU Commission has drawn up proposals for its own version of the National Insurance number, which is used by governments to monitor those who are in work for tax purposes.

The move would hand eurocrats an unprecedented database about people’s earnings and tax affairs and will raise further fears over the growing creep of an EU superstate.

Critics today blasted the plans as “takeover, not trade” and said they demonstrated why it is crucial Britain carries on with Brexit and quits the bloc in 2019.

Plans for the new social security scheme are buried at the bottom of a dossier about Jean-Claude Juncker’s proposed new European Labour Authority, unveiled in his State of the Union address.

The authority would be tasked with ensuring a level playing field across the EU in terms of pay and working conditions, and is a response to fears of wage undercutting by Eastern European workers.

It was announced after new French president Emmanuel Macron put cracking down on abuses of free movement at the heart of his agenda as a way of winning back the support of people who voted for Marine Le Pen.

Mr Macron, an enthusiastic eurofederalist, also called for “a common corporate tax band” and European minimum wage in a landmark address yesterday that was peppered with superstate policies.

Brussels has long coveted the ability to directly raise its own cash by taxing citizens, something that an EU-wide social security number would bring a step closer to reality.

And the scheme would also provide eurocrats with a new database about its citizens, potentially including details such as their addresses, employment histories, salaries and credit ratings

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