Francoist Clampdown in Catalonia

DQ here: Barcelona is in a heightened state of anxiety right now as the Guardia Civil expands its Operation Anubis, fittingly named after the Egyptian god of death, into just about every nook and cranny of Catalonia’s government institutions. I’m working on a couple of pieces, including one about Catalonia for WS which should be ready by the end of the day, but in the meantime I leave you with part of a piece by former UK ambassador Craig Murray which highlights the Francoist origins of the current Spanish government — the same government that a couple of years ago outlawed all forms of protest it doesn’t like in the Orwellian-termed “Citizens’ Security” law, more popularly known as the “Gag Law” (Ley Mordaza).

Francoist Clampdown in Catalonia

There is a peculiar reluctance in the British and other European mainstream media to state the truth about the very real Francoist origins of the Spanish government. The current government of Spain are the direct political heirs of Franco and that many of their ministers have personal and family connections to his rule. Rajoy, Spain’s current Prime Minister, started his political career in 1981 by joining the People’s Alliance, a party founded in 1979 and led by 7 of Franco’s ministers to carry on the Francoist legacy. The People’s Alliance became the major component in the now governing People’s Party. It is a directly Francoist party.

The fascist instincts of the Madrid government when faced with the entirely legitimate desire for a democratic vote on Catalonian Independence are therefore part of the very political DNA of the ruling party. It is a truth which it is more convenient for the Establishment to avoid, particularly in Britain where it is feared Catalan Independence might encourage Scottish Independence.

The European Commission has shown commendable rectitude in warning both Poland and Hungary in strong terms of the consequences of their right wing lurches away fro democracy. It would be good to see the Commission and European governments warning Spain now, for actions which are a bigger threat to democracy than the Polish or Hungarian right have so far dared. But that would not suit the agenda of the neo-liberal ruling Establishment, so do not hold your breath.

2 thoughts on “Francoist Clampdown in Catalonia

  1. Thanks so much for some insight in Spain, I live here and hadn’t been able to find any unbiased (true) news within the country. It is tremendously secretive and there is no alternative media to help the average guy understand what is really happening.

    Thanks again for your courage and excellent articles.
    Barcelona, Spain


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