Saudi Arabia’s Mind-Blowing Hypocrisy

By David Malone and cross-posted from his blog, Golem XIV

Astonishing hypocrisy! Saudi and its affiliates demand an end to the support of terrorism while they themselves are some of its largest funders. Their list of demands, as reported in the Guardian, should be translated as follows:
1) Curb ties with Iran = No talking to Shia Moslems.

2) Sever all ties to terror organisations = Declare Moslem Brotherhood (who we find threatening) terrorists internally and only Saudi should decide which terror organisations get funded. Not you.

3) Shut down al-Jazeera = We don’t allow press freedom, so you can’t have it either. Especially one that criticises us. Shut down what is, for all its significant faults, one of the best media outlets in the world.

4) Shut down all other media Qatar funds = Only Saudi propaganda allowed. al-Jazeera was far too willing to report government repression during the Arab Spring. So close down all non Saudi controlled media.

5) Close down Turkish military bases in Qatar = Qatar isn’t allowed its own diplomatic sovereignty.

6) Stop funding anyone Saudi calls a terrorist = Stop funding anyone who opposes Saudi or other undemocratic regimes in the ME. No democratic dissent allowed.

7) Handover terrorist figure = Hand over to us all dissidents we want to imprison or behead.

8) Stop interfering in other countries affairs. = Hand over people we don’t like that have taken refuge in Qatar. We do the interfering (see this list of demands), not you.

9 -12) Make yourself a vassal state of Saudi, pay us money, let us control your treasury and foreign policy and agree to all this NOW. Or else. Saudi, its minions, the US and Israel will try to paint you as part of a new axis of evil.

Oh, and by the way, oil rules! Not the gas you and Iran want to sell!

The Great Gas War is gathering towards a major escalation. The Northern Front in Ukraine has gone quiet. Or at least unreported. But its Southern Front, from Syria to Yemen, Turkey to Iran, is hotting up.

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