Britain is on the Brink of a National Political Crisis

By Chaminda Jayanetti and cross-posted from

First, the good news. The political drive for austerity lies in tatters. Thatcherism is bankrupt. The toxic power of the Tory press has been shattered. Tory dreams of a landslide victory are dead. The Labour leadership question is settled for the foreseeable future.

That’s a fair bit of good news. But here it comes to a crashing halt.

Britain is on the brink of a political crisis at a national crunch point. There is no workable government. There is no credible prime minister.

The country is long-term divided – there hasn’t been a convincing majority in a general election since 2005, four elections ago. The Tories’ reputation remains toxic for millions post-Thatcher, and Brexit has toxified it in large parts of London and other Remain-heavy cities. Labour’s reputation remains in the mud post-crash for millions of others.

But it is Brexit that makes this all critical. Talks are due to begin in barely a week – and British politics has never been as unstable as it is now…

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