Scahill & Greenwald: What If All Victims of War Received the Media Attention of Manchester Victims?

Cross-posted from Democracy Now

In Britain, police are expanding their investigation into Monday’s suicide bombing in Manchester that killed 22 and left dozens injured. Many of those killed were young girls. While the Manchester story has dominated international headlines, far less attention has been paid to other stories this week involving the deaths of civilians.

In Syria and Iraq, U.S.-led or backed airstrikes have killed dozens of civilians in the last week alone. Meanwhile, in Yemen, the human rights group Reprieve says U.S. Navy SEALs killed five civilians during a raid Tuesday night on a village in Ma’rib governorate. To talk more about how the media covers civilian casualties, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and Juan González speak with two of the founders of The Intercept: Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald.

4 thoughts on “Scahill & Greenwald: What If All Victims of War Received the Media Attention of Manchester Victims?

  1. It is symptomatic of the glitzy, narcissistic U.S. Media (Gaggles of attractive young women in short skirts sitting facing the camera and cocktail-party-like talking all over each about petty U.S. bullshit, like which news anchor said this or that). Only RT shows much of the physical devastation throughout Lybia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan …buildings which used to be people’s homes, now piles of rubble.

    Orders of magnitude worse: Thousands of people now dead and gone and hundreds of thousands walking out (to WHERE?) with their babies in arms and a few possessions on their backs.


    1. Great comment, RD.

      In the UK it’s not that different. Very few people really know what’s going on and most don’t seem to give a fuck — until blowbock comes a-calling, at which point the rabid media kick into action, stirring up the worst possible emotions while drowning out the slightest suggestion that there may be deeper causes for what just happened. And before you know it, it’s even more bombs away!


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