German Soldier Posing as a Syrian Refugee Arrested for Planning ‘False Flag’ Terror Attack

The following story, reported by the UK Indepedent, is disturbingly reminiscent of so-called “Operation Gladio“, in which the the secret services of the allied victors of the Second World War, led by the OSS (the forerunner to the Central Intelligence Agency), deployed fascist and other far-right groups that had collaborated with Hitler (what they termed “stay-behinds”) to build secret networks of spies and agents to fight against communist or other left-wing movements in Cold-War Europe. The network’s operations included orchestrating false-flag terrorist attacks against civilians of Italy, Belgium and Germany as a means of sowing public fear and discrediting homegrown left-wing movements.

A German soldier found posing as a Syrian refugee has been arrested for allegedly planning a “false flag” shooting attack that would be blamed on asylum seekers.

The unidentified soldier was detained when he went to retrieve a loaded pistol he had hidden in a bathroom at Vienna International Airport.

The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said the 28-year-old is suspected of planning a serious “state-threatening act of violence”, fraud and violating firearms laws.

More than 90 German police officers have worked alongside Austrian and French security forces to search 16 locations across three countries on Wednesday, when a suspected accomplice was arrested in Bavaria.

Investigations have revealed that the Bundeswehr lieutenant was stationed at Illkirch-Graffenstaden in France before registering as a refugee back in Germany.

He gave false information to authorities in Giessen, Hesse, on 30 December 2015 – as Germany was overwhelmed by the arrival of almost a million asylum seekers.

“These findings, as well as other evidence, point towards a xenophobic motive for the soldier’s suspected plan to commit an attack using a weapon deposited at Vienna airport.”

If his plan had succeeded, his fingerprints would have registered on the refugee records system and led investigators to his false identity as a Syrian asylum seeker, turning fresh scrutiny on migrants in Germany

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Click here to watch a mind-blowing BBC documentary about Operation Gladio

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