Eurozone Continues to Ignore Its Biggest Threat

Italy’s Multi-Headed Hydra is Rising

For the last three years, the political establishment in Italy and beyond have had a field day attacking, ridiculing, and vilifying Beppe Grillo’s 5-star movement. Europe’s media have tarred him with the brush of populism. In 2013 The Economist labelled him a clown on its front cover. Yet his party still leads the polls. And that lead is growing.

A new Ipsos poll in Corriere della Sera newspaper has put Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star Movement on 32.3% – its highest ever reading. It placed 5.5 points ahead of the governing PD, on 26.8%, after the PD dropped more than three percentage points in a month, as former prime minister Matteo Renzi battles to reassert his authority following a walkout by a left-wing faction.

Internal political battles are nothing new in Italy. The country enjoys a hard-earned reputation for political instability and paralysis, having seen 63 governments come and go since 1945. The problem this time around is that internal weakness and strife in Italy’s traditional center-left and center-right parties could end up gifting the next election to a party that refuses to play by the book

As Reuters reports, such a scenario could spook financial markets “wary of both the 5-Star’s euroskepticism and the threat of prolonged political instability in Italy,” which boasts a public debt burden of over €2 trillion (133% of GDP). In any normal situation that would be a problem. But Italy is not in a normal situation

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One thought on “Eurozone Continues to Ignore Its Biggest Threat

  1. So-called “Populism” is just a name for the socio-political reaction to the pain of the “have-nots” as the “haves” continue to increase their dominance at the expense of the “have nots”.

    This article recognizes the pain that would be caused if the international financial system collapsed and that a bailout would be hard on taxpayers (the “have -nots”).

    The elites represented by :the bondholders (etc.) would fare better,

    If the system failed, the haves would feel pain along with the have-nots, for a change.

    To awful to contemplate? By whom? The have-nots? What have they got to lose, compared to the haves?

    What can the “have nots” gain?

    Their heritage, their tradtions, their culture.

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