Rigged Game (by Dylan Garity)

If you type “Rigged Game” into Google, or for that matter most other search engines, the first thing that will probably come up is not this fledgling blog — we’re still way down that list — but the following Youtube video of a young freestyle poet, Dylan Garity, waxing it lyrical and loud about the massive obstacles the U.S. education system places in the way of the already disadvantaged young children of immigrants who don’t speak English.

As someone who’s been through the pain, suffering and ritual humiliation of learning another language — out of choice, not obligation — and who’s spent the last 16 years teaching languages (English and Spanish) to students of all ages and walks of life, I think Garity makes some good points, and in eloquent fashion. And no matter how — or rather, given how — polemical this issue has become of late, it’s a message that bears repeating, as the timeless tides of rage, hatred and division threaten, once again, to engulf our crisis-hit communities — while, of course, the politicial and financial elite quietly rig the game even more in their favor.

4 thoughts on “Rigged Game (by Dylan Garity)

  1. Don, when DuckDuckGo first came out, they touted their dedication to abstain from tracking their users.

    While I had no verification of that claim I have believed it, because to betray it would be antithetical to their rationale for existence and could destroy them.

    Nevertheless, now that it’s come to my attention, I note that they are no longer running the line “The Website that doesn’t Track you” in their heading, so I will do what I can to verify that their policy hasn’t changed.

    But I can verify that they usually bring up all the information I need. Whenever I haven’t been satisfied, I run Google and haven’t found anything there, either (after running Google, I erase all cookies. A pain in the ass, because I have to restore those that are helpful on sites I use and trust). I goes without saying, i don’t use Chrome.

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  2. OK, when I ran “search engine that doesn’t track you” on DuckDuckGo, a pagewith the following assertion came up:

    Set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine

    1We don’t store your personal information.
    2We don’t follow you around with ads.
    3We don’t track you, including private browsing mode.


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