Clip Joint: Humans Need Not Apply

Directed, produced, written, and edited by CGP Grey

Some heavy food for thought, at least for the homo sapiens among you.

2 thoughts on “Clip Joint: Humans Need Not Apply

  1. The video related that stock transactions, presumably at the behest of humans who own the stocks, are now decided upon and executed by computers without the intervention of the human owners. The video did not pursue this interaction between automatons nearly as far as I think it is going.

    I was a patent examiner for 17 years and I have no doubt whatever that my old job could be performed much faster and more accurately by automated prior art scanning, acted upon by artificial intelligence.

    In a young married group discussion in a Church in Arlington, VA in 1958, it occurred to me that there would be a discontinuity in human evolution, where homo sapiens would go henceforth as neo-human, inorganic automatons, just as fully self-aware and conscious as we had ever been.

    I remember joking at the time “Pass the screwdriver, Honey, let’s have a baby”.

    We’ll see …

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