A Warm Welcome to Rigged Game

A hearty welcome, friends and visitors, old and new, to this post-bullshit blog. Make yourselves at home, kick back, peruse at your leisure, nuestra casa es su casa.

We hope you find the new place as comfortable as the old one but also somewhat improved — at once better organized (as you’ll see in the far right hand column, we’ve finally got down to categorizing some of the articles featured on RGBS over the past four and a half years), more attractive (thanks in large part to the illustration we were fortunate enough to procure from the British artist Derek Bacon*, which was originally featured on the front cover of the July 3rd-13th, 2012 edition of The Economist magazine) and better furnished (with, among other things, a collection of informative videos and podcasts under the Clip Joint section as well as the Daily Beats juke box at the bottom of the far right hand column, which will offer up a fresh tune or two to listen to each day as you pick your way through the daily offerings of news, videos and analysis).

Most importantly, we hope you find it to be a more informative site that offers more regularly updated news and features that you won’t be able to find in most other places. As we previously mentioned, our ultimate aim is to turn this site into a platform for up and coming, gifted writers who are keen to reach a wider audience and have an impact. As such, if you know of any writers or bloggers who are producing original, reliable, thought-provoking content, please give us their details or, alternatively, give them ours.

We also hope to make Rigged Game more interactive than Raging Bullshit (R.I.P.) was. So, please tell us what you think of the new place. If you have any sugggestions, now is the time to air them. We will do everything we can to respond as promptly as possible and if we like them, we’ll act on them.

Our warmest regards,

Don Quijones and Mr. D

*Here’s a link to Amsterdam-based Derek Bacon’s illustration portfolio.

5 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome to Rigged Game

  1. Thanks for writing from your background and allowing your readers to interact.

    Looking forward to a collegial discussion of the issues you raise.

    Hope we can keep it that way – readers lost their voice at Reuters (for example) because their staff was overwhelmed by ad hominem stuff.

    All the best!

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