Financial “Hurricane” Trump Is Approaching Mexico

Peso meltdown could trigger next dollar-debt crisis in Mexico

Within hours of Trump’s electoral triumph, the Mexican peso, which has become the number-one hedge against a Trump victory, had slumped a staggering 13% to its lowest point in history and its steepest intraday dive since 1994-5, when the Tequila Crisis came within a hair’s breadth of bringing down Mexico’s financial system, and with it some of the biggest names on Wall Street, including Citi and Goldman, before the Federal Reserve, US treasury, IMF, and Bank of International Settlements hastily intervened.

By the end of Wednesday’s trading, it recovered a little to close at 19.84 pesos to the dollar, down 8% for the day. Today, the peso fell another 4%, ending the day at 20.67 to the dollar. A hurricane — as Mexicans are fond of calling Donald Trump — is approaching

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