Small Banks Must Go: Megabank-Meister Draghi

Pushing to control a larger slice of the EU’s financial pie.

There are plenty of reasons to be worried about the state of Europe these days, but if one had to choose one thing above all others, it would be the gaping disconnect between reality and senior European policy makers’ willful misperception of reality.

A perfect case in point was a speech given in Frankfurt by ECB president Mario Draghi. He was addressing a conference of the European Systemic Risk Board (ERSB), an organization created in 2010 by the European Commission to warn about and mitigate systemic financial risks in Europe.

When Small Is Evil

During his address Draghi discussed what he saw as the biggest threats to Europe’s financial system. Just as you’d expect from any senior central banker worth his or her salt, he did not point to the most obvious risk: the zombifying banks at the very top of the financial food chain — the same banks that coincidentally constitute the ECB’s number-one constituency and whose balance sheets are still filled to the rafters with toxic assets dating back to even before the last major crisis, in 2008. By now, virtually all of these banks are fully dependent on the never-ending and ever-growing welfare assistance provided by the ECB.

No, for Draghi, the biggest financial problem in Europe these days is the fierce competition posed by the thousands of smaller banks that are crowding out the profits for the big banks

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