Goldman Sachs Just Launched Project Fear in Italy

Things could get very ugly, very fast

Project Fear began two years ago in the run up to Scotland’s national referendum. It then spread to the rest of the UK in the lead up to this summer´s Brexit referendum. But it keeps on moving. Its latest destination is Italy, where the campaign to instill fear and trepidation in the hearts and souls of Italy’s voters was just inaugurated by the world’s most influential investment bank, Goldman Sachs.

The bank just released a 14-page report warning about the potentially dire consequences of a “no” vote in Italy’s upcoming referendum on the government’s proposed constitutional reforms. If the Italian public vote against the bill, the response of the markets could be extremely negative, warns Goldman, putting in jeopardy the latest attempt to rescue Italy’s third largest and most insolvent bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

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3 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs Just Launched Project Fear in Italy

  1. If Brexit was/is any indication of what is yet to come, I feel confident the Italians will not allow these changes to their cinstitutional powers. Its the last thing they should be doing, is giving more power to the corrupted. It won’t be long before we see more of that going on in the US…Nov 8th is right around the corner….


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