“Maybe You Can Reverse Brexit” – Jamie Dimon Chimes In On How To Ignore UK Voters

Originally posted at Zero Hedge

There’s been much fearmongering around Brexit and how it will impact the people of the UK specifically, and the broader global markets. What the people of the UK truly need, just like a hole in the head, is some friendly advice from Jamie Dimon.

Thankfully, everyone can relax, because Dimon has imparted his wisdom on the Brexit situation – with a bit of a carrot for listening to him as well, in true banker fashion.

“Brexit has put a lot of uncertainty in the markets and in the economy. The markets will calm down a bit.” Dimon said

Alas, as we reported earlier the Nasdaq erased all Brexit losses this morning – so far so good Jamie, so far so good.

Dimon’s next comment, as reported by Bloomberg, is the key – Dimon was discussing the results of Brexit and specifically the use of the “passport rule” which currently enables companies with operations in the UK to sell their services to the other 27 nations in the bloc. If the UK can’t win continued use of the passport rule, Dimon said he would be “forced” to consider shifting his 16,000 UK-based staff…

“If we have that passport after Brexit, we likely would not have to make any change at all. But I think the European Union will not accept that. It will put more conditions on the UK and might force banks to become smaller in London.”

However that wasn’t the end, that was actually Dimon setting himself up for this amazing comment – suggesting that Brexit could actually be reversed, if the “right” people were involved in the decision making.

Maybe you can even reverse Brexit. There are always solutions to the problems, as long you have the right people in the room.”

And there we have it – in Jamie Dimon’s world, you just need to have the right people in the room to override the voters. It’s that simple.

* * *

In summary, here is a quick translation of Dimon’s comments: if the elites could just take control and ignore the will of the people everything would be resolved, and oh by the way, JPMorgan won’t yank its staff of 16,000 out of the country.

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