Wrath of Draghi Hits Germans who Refuse to Blow their Savings

Just shocking that Germans dislike stocks, with the DAX down 21%

Since promising to save the euro at any price, ECB president Mario Draghi has thrown just about everything he can at Europe’s crisis-ridden economy. That includes the mother of all financial anomalies, negative interest rates. Yet despite all the trillions of euros of his alphabet-soup creations — QE, LTRO, TRTRO I, TRTRO II…  — the European economy is still frail, growth is lackluster, public debt is out of control, and unemployment remains worryingly buoyant.

As for the region’s banks, the less said, the better.

Not to worry. As Draghi said in a speech to Asian government officials and business leaders on Monday, there’s still a great deal more that can be done to punish Europe’s hordes of savers, the central banker’s scapegoat du jour for all that ails Europe’s debt-laden economy.

The low or negative interest rates plaguing Europe are a symptom of a much bigger problem, he said: the compression of investment returns due to a massive global savings glut. To our great amazement, it’s this purported glut — and not his monetary policies — that lies behind the historic decline in interest rates.

Inevitably, whenever Draghi talks about “savings,” he has a particular kind of savings in mind: German savings. If Germans spent money on imported products rather than saving their money, they wouldn’t have an account surplus — which has been “above 5% of GDP for almost a decade,” he complained — and would thus save the world

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