The Panama Papers: Secrets of the Super Rich

This ABC film is hands down the best documentary I’ve seen so far on the Panama Papers scandal. Most importantly, it actually delves into the crucial role of so-called former British territories in the global tax haven system, an issue that I’ve repeatedly covered in detail for WOLF STREET (read: Luxembourg Takes the Heat, but the World’s Worst Tax Haven – the City of London – Remains Unscathed and Fat Chance: Cameron Vows to Clean Up UK Property Market).

As former British ambassador Craig Murray writes, the Four Corners documentary actually named and shamed Australia’s biggest company and Australia’s biggest foreign investor.

BBC Panorama by contrast found a guy who sold one house in Islington. The Australians also, unlike the BBC who deliberately and knowing hid it, pointed out that the corruption centred on the British Virgin Islands, and even went there. All in all an excellent job.

Four Corners of course has a history of this. Their absolutely excellent documentary Sex, Lies and Julian Assange told vital truths about the concoction of the allegations against Julian Assange, which to this day have been hidden by the BBC and entire British corporate media. I implore anybody who has not yet seen it, to watch it now.


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