It’s Alive! TPP Gets Signed, Democracy Dies A Little More

If you are a resident (the word “citizen” no longer seems fitting) of the U.S.A, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Brunei, Peru, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia or New Zealand, your elected government just sold you, your family, friends and everybody else you know down the river. Without a paddle. In other words, they just signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the world’s biggest trade agreement of the last two decades. Don’t worry if you weren’t consulted; nobody was — well, apart from 600 representatives of the world’s largest corporations.

Grasping for a ray of hope, Naked Capitalism’s Lambert Strether points out that the text of TPP has not yet been finalized and once it has, it will have to be ratified by lawmakers in each country against a backdrop of intensifying public opposition. As the recent brave example set by Uruguay’s leftist government has shown, it is possible to snub the demands of the global corporatocracy and not be completely obliterated. That said, the pressure on TPP’s 12 signatory nations to comply over the coming months will be almost unbearable. After all, the success of the U.S. empire’s so-called “Asian pivot” hinges on the signing of TPP.

As the following video by Wikileaks warns, the TPP is the first of a trio of world-changing trade agreements that have been negotiated behind the hermetically sealed doors of luxury conference rooms dotted around the globe and are now precariously close to being signed. Once they are, just as with the EU and NAFTA, escaping the new “grand enclosure” will be an almost impossible task. Welcome to the Global Corporatocracy.

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