This Could Sink Banks in Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy

By Wolf Richter

In this absurd era when risks no longer exist in a quantifiable manner, the Spanish government today joined a growing club: it issued its first debt – 6-month T-bills – with a negative yield. Spain!

But the European Commission is now contemplating pulling the rug out from under the banking miracles in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy. Turns out, these four countries have been just a little too cunning in how they propped up their rickety banks. They and their banks have declared something a “high quality” asset even though it has a dubious value, no market price, and can’t be sold. And they have included this totally illiquid asset of dubious value in the “core capital” of the banks.

But now that cunning plan seems on the verge of unravelling…

Read the full article at Wolf Street. 

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