Forgotten History: The Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs

After 20 years in the wilderness, the Russian bear is once again rising as a geopolitical force in the world, not to mention a counterbalance to Western designs in the Eurasian region. But why did Russia fall so low after the collapse of the Soviet Union? What were the conditions that gave rise to the Wild, Wild East in which almost all of the country’s power and wealth was transferred to a handful of Russian oligarchs like Roman Arbamovich and Boris Berezovsky?

Just as important, how did these gangster capitalists lose their influence and power in the early years of Vladimir Putin’s first presidency? To answer these questions, I present a fascinating two-part film from the Canadian documentary series Human Edge, featuring exlusive footage and interviews with many of the most important movers and shakers of the era, including Putin himself.

Part One: The Fall of the Soviet Union and the Rise of the Oligarchs

Part Two: The Rise of Putin and the Fall of the Oligarchs

2 thoughts on “Forgotten History: The Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs

  1. Do you really mean to promote videos which claim– “Vladimir Putin, the now Russian President, and the antidote to President Obama who’s serving on behalf of Zionist Jewry and their total control of the United States of America.” That is quite extreme and not supported by any data I know about.


    1. No Bob, not at all. The documentary is produced by TV Ontario, a publicly funded, English-language educational television station and media organization serving the Canadian province of Ontario. As I mention in the intro, the film is about the rise to power of the Russian oligarchs during Yeltsin’s presidency, a period of vital historic interest, especially given today’s context.

      If you actually watch the documentary (rather than focusing purely on the Youtube poster and comments), you’ll find that the Jewish faith gets no mention whatsoever. This is not about jews — or for that matter, religious faith in general — it is about power politics. It is about what happens when the political structures of power completely collapse. It is about the spectacular rise and fall of a small group of individuals during the implosion of one of the most important political and economic empires of the 20th century. It is hardly extreme to encourage readers to watch what I believe is a very good documentary about a crucial but often overlooked episode in recent world history.


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