Alan Watts: Money, Guilt and the Machine

Here’s some rather filling food for thought from the late British-born philosopher, writer and speaker Alan Watts. It includes, from about the 14th minute in, a wonderful explanation of what money is and the way the world’s broken money system functions.

As he says towards the end of the lecture, to remedy the system we have to find out how to change our pyschological attitude to money and to wealth, to pleasure and to work.

3 thoughts on “Alan Watts: Money, Guilt and the Machine

  1. David Graeber’s, “Debt: The first 5000 years” also goes along quite well with what Watts was speaking of, especially the moral/religious conflagration with debt. Further, to quote Graeber, all revolutionary movements are essentially, “Cancel the debts and redistribute the land.” – looking at Ukraine, the first priority listed by the media seems to be the formation of a government so that loans can be placed for the payment of debts made by corrupt politicians? ….


    1. Sounds like an interesting book, John. Will have to check it out. The use of debt to take control of the levers of government — as happened after “revolution” in Libya and now in Ukraine — is truly one of the most insidious and destructive forces in today’s world.

      Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to notice or, for that matter, even care!


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