Two Must-Watch Interviews on Money Laundering and Tax Havens

Money laundering and tax havens are two wildly misunderstood and under-discussed phenomena in today’s world. As Nicholas Shaxson, the British author of Treasure Islands, says in the second Democracy Now interview posted below, most people see them as “an exotic side show to the global economy”, whereas in reality they are now right at its beating heart, boasting anywhere between 10 and 20 trillion dollars in tax-free or low-tax deposits.  

In the first interview, John le Carré, the foremost spywriter of our times, discusses the endemic practice of money laundering among some of the world’s biggest banks (the juicy part begins about nine minutes in), and the vital role that laundered drug money played in propping up the global financial system during the post-Lehman period.

John Le Carré on money laundering and the big banks

Nicholas Shaxson on the role of offshore tax havens in the global economy

Nicholas Shaxson (part II)

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8 thoughts on “Two Must-Watch Interviews on Money Laundering and Tax Havens

  1. Free Markets may be demonized, but like Life, they seem to find a way.

    Perhaps we should end the Tax Wars as well as the Drug Wars and allow taxes to be put to better use.

    Perhaps the New Tax Wars would be competition among jurisdictions to attract wealth with lower taxes. I’d much rather see such sums circulating in the markets of the world, than squirreled away.

    The Boot-Strap Expat


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