Seed No Evil, Hear No Evil

In the following video, Rachel Parent, a 14-year old Canadian girl, mercilessly demolishes every argument that CBS pundit and big business/finance apologist Kevin O’Leary proposes in defense of genetically modified crops. 

Parent’s arguments are clear and simple: we need much longer field trials of GM foods — the typical life span of a field trial these days is 90 days — and clear labelling so that consumers can make their own choice as to what kind of food they would prefer to eat. After all, isn’t choice what the consumer society is all about? 

For his part, O’Leary pulls just about every canard out of the GM-defense book. At one point, he even questions the need for longer field trials given that we, the people, are already the lab rats in this ongoing, open-air experiment. Once again, Kevin, thanks for the choice!

For more examples of O’Leary’s shameless whoring for the established economic order, check this, this and this.


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