Burnin’ & Lootin’ in Burgos, Spain

A medium-sized, staunchly conservative city in Northern Spain, Burgos is hardly the sort of place you’d expect to see protestors smashing up the windows of a branch of Santander bank (a sight that brings tears to your eyes).

What began as a simmering dispute over the city’s semi-bankrupt council’s plans to convert one of the busiest thoroughfares into a largely pedestrianised boulevard boiled over Saturday night into pitched battles between local residents and riot police.

As Ignacio Escolar, a former Burgos resident, reports in El Diario, the project, which is expected to cost 8 million euros — though in time-honoured fashion, will no doubt run well over cost — is primarily intended to benefit a local construction magnate and former prison inmate called Antonio Miguel Méndez Pozo (a.k.a. el jefe [the boss])!

Anyway, as you can see from the images below, provided by RT, all is well and good in Spain these days. After two years of Rajoy’s “great leadership” (Obama’s words, not mine), the economy is once again thriving, the risk premium is at almost record lows (thanks a heap, Mario D!), the stock market is on its way to historic highs and everybody is out on the street celebrating…

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