A Searing Speech on the Perils of “Ubiquitous Assimilation”

Last night, La Doña and I had the fortune to stumble across a U.S. movie from this century that was both mature and thought-provoking. Called Detachment, it is an independent film about a young teacher who strives to make a difference in a run-down, inner-city school.

While it may sound like a familiar plotline, this is certainly no Robin Williams/Michelle Pfiffer feel-good movie. Featuring stellar performances from a host of familiar faces, including Adrien Brody in the lead role, Detachment is an intelligent, tender and often hard-hitting tale about how difficult life can be for all of us, whatever our age.

Below is one of the film’s best scenes, in which Brody’s character delivers a stirring classroom speech on the eternal struggle to preserve one’s mind in an environment of “ubiquitous assimilation” — a challenge we all face in this age of total connectivity and perpetual distraction.

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